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George Floyd, of African descent, was brutally murdered by police in the U.S. state of Maine. Local Mayor Jacob Frey’s response to this will be written in black in the pages of history that “being black in America should not be a death sentence.” The mayor had to say this because Floyd was not to blame for the alleged $20 counterfeit note but to be black.

George Floyd and Black Lives Matter Protest:

Protests erupted across the country after that. The stars of America the Brave are in circulation today. Corona’s lockdown ends, curfew imposed in 25 cities the intensity of the protests can be gauged from the fact that as of June 1, more than 4,000 people had been arrested on charges of violating the curfew and damaging property. There are two main reasons for the outrage among the protesters. First, US President Donald Trump, instead of sympathizing with the victim and treating the protesters kindly, called them a gang of thugs and thugs. In other news, authorities have decided to release the killer police officer Drake Chewen on $500,000 bails.

George Floyd’s Death Sparks Calls for UN debate:

On the one hand, the US administration is showing leniency towards Drake, and on the other hand, it is intimidating the protesters. He proved his brutality by arresting CNN correspondent Omar Jame and his accomplices. Omar is as black as Floyd. Police did not arrest the white Josh Camp Bell who was with Omar when he was arrested, although President Trump has a God-given beer with CNN. The US government advocates for freedom of expression around the world, and advocates for human rights. But in his own country, black journalists seem to be stifled. It is, in fact, an attempt to cover up racism within the United States and to cover up its crimes. There, whites have a little bit of freedom of expression, but blacks are sent straight to prison, just like Omar.

Protest Continue After U.S Police Shoot Black:

The details of the embarrassing tragedy that took place in the United States are that on the night of May 25, 2020, police received a call from a retail store that George Floyd, 46, a janitor at a local hotel, had paid with a counterfeit $20 note. According to police, an attempt was made to arrest Jabsa, but he resisted. A video of Floyd surfaced in the media. In it, police officer Chewen’s knees are visible on his neck, and Floyd Cowie can be heard saying, “Please, I can’t breathe and don’t kill me.” According to the initial post-mortem report of the hospital’s medical examiner, the police officer held the victim’s neck with his knee for eight minutes and 46 seconds. About three minutes later, Floyd fainted.

If strangulation of a motionless person is not intentional homicide, then what is?

Meanwhile, other officers there checked Floyd’s right wrist for a pulse instead of removing the chew. But failed. That is why the families of the slain are demanding the arrest of these three officers as well. By the way, the administration is currently under pressure and has fired four policemen, including Drake Chewed. Yet within the world’s largest democracy, there is no evidence of “strangulation” in the initial autopsy. It states that Floyd’s death was due to a heart condition, intoxication, and being stopped by an officer.

Isn’t This A Conspiracy To Weaken The Case?

Announcing the formal indictment, Kharnipan County Attorney Mike Freeman said he had enough evidence to prove attempted murder. But instead of giving details, they avoided saying that it will be announced later.

As the video of Floyd’s murder went viral, angry protesters set fire to the local police station in the city of Maine. This was exactly what the administration expected. Therefore, it was vacated three days ago. State Governor Tim Wallace was lenient, but instead of encouraging him, President Trump called it a weakness of the Manipolis political leadership and advised the military to deal with the situation.

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