China-India Tensions And (CPEC)

The atrocities of the Indian government are on the rise in South Asia, and the ruling party in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is taking all possible steps to undermine peace in the region at the behest of his masters. The domestic and foreign policies of the Indian government are highly reprehensible attempts to affect Pakistan-China relations and sabotage the C-Pac project, which not only Pakistan but also China is unwilling to tolerate. Whether it is the worst lockdown in the history of Occupied Kashmir or the imposition of discriminatory laws for the minorities living in India for centuries, the Modi government is taking all necessary steps to ensure the security and stability of India itself.

What is the issue Between India and China:

Is in serious danger. In order to deter India from its aggressive intentions, the Chinese forces not only forcibly asserted their right to Ladakh but also occupied several hundred kilometers of Indian territory. After which, Nepal also included the area under its control in Tibet in its map and got the new map approved by the parliament. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself praises his extremist activities with hollow slogans, but now his nefarious intentions have been exposed to the world. The retaliatory actions of the Chinese forces put a brake on the covert activities of the Indian forces on the Ladakh border. Since then, India has been trying to resolve all issues through negotiations with China, but the Chinese rulers who are already keeping an eye on the United States.

He has refused to accept any offer of talks from India. Contrary to the recent border disputes with China, India is making every effort to impose war on Pakistan, the primary purpose of which is to divert Pakistan’s attention from occupied Kashmir and jeopardize the future of the C-Pac project. But the Pakistani forces have so far not allowed any attempt by India to succeed and India’s aggressive measures, the unprovoked firing on the LOC are being successfully exposed to the United Nations.

The Current Status Of Cpec:

In fact, India is falling into its own trap. That being said, the tensions that have erupted between China and India. This is not a coincidence, nor can it be linked to a temporary problem like Corona. Just as this conflict has its roots in history, so it has to do with future ambitions and plans. It can be said that before the effects of Corona took effect, the first parties accelerated their course. China took a leap and consolidated its control over areas that were crucial to the launch of the C-Pack, and India has been able to reach out.

The Border Disputes Between China And India:

They were the cause of the 1962 Sino-Indian War. In this war, India had to suffer such a defeat that the desire for a double war with China could not be aroused in their hearts again. India has learned from this war and decided not to build infrastructure in the disputed border areas. Lest China ever occupy these areas and use this infrastructure. Decades have passed with the same thinking. There was no direct confrontation between China and India.

India Express strong Opposition to China:

However, border tensions continued to escalate. Even in 1988, Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited China and agreed not to use force in border disputes and to resolve these disputes through dialogue and understanding. Not a single bullet was exchanged between the two countries’ armies after that. Meanwhile, the great game of the Cold War came to an end and the new needs of the world powers persuaded them to make new enemies and find new challenges. Political Islam and modern civilization were among the challenges that the United States identified after the collapse of communism. For the past two decades, the United States has been pursuing Muslims, and China has quietly increased its economic power. In the name of the trade, he kept his coin in the world from east to west.

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