Concerns Over Military Intervention In US Politics!

Violence has escalated in Atlanta, the capital of the US state of Georgia, following the killing of another black man, Risher Brooks, by police. Following the incident, Atlanta Police Chief Erica Shields resigned. He acknowledged that the police should not have used such force. Protests and violent protests against racism have been taking place in several countries, including the United States, since the May 25 killing of black citizen George Floyd in the American city of Minneapolis.

What Conditions Should be resent to Support Military Intervention:

People are protesting against racism and criticizing President Trump’s tweets and policies. Violence erupted when President Trump tried to use the National Guard to quell the protests, with protesters and military personnel clashing near the White House on June 3, and President Trump in his tweets. He reacted strongly, to which he was sharply criticized, saying that the army should have no role in the country’s politics. The majority of American intellectuals believe that “American founders believed that an army free of politics could better serve the people.” “The military is one of the most respected institutions in the United States.”

What Does Foreign Intervention Mean:

A church was damaged during a confrontation between the National Guard stationed in Lafia Square, and when President Trump was accompanied by Secretary of Defense Asper and senior military official General Mark Miley for a photo session, the National Guard protested against the protesters. Trump thanked the “services.” The use of US troops against protesters was strongly condemned, and the Pentagon had to explain that Secretary of Defense and General Mirek Miley did not know President Trump’s intentions. The defense minister admitted his mistake when he left for Lafia Square, saying: “His decision to leave was not the right one. It gives the impression that the US military is involved in political affairs. ”

In the United States, elections are held under a two-party presidential system, and before the presidential election, the Democratic and Republican parties hold state-level events and fundraisers to assess the popularity of their presidential candidate. Debates between presidential candidates, talk shows are held to smooth public opinion. Emphasis is placed on ensuring full participation of the people in the elections and implementation of the manifestos of political parties and the fulfillment of promises.

Why is Military Force Important?

The American people usually win the presidency and elected senators on the basis of performance, which is why allegations of military interference in US elections do not resonate and opponents do not blame the military for their defeat. President Trump’s alleged success in the last election has been called into question. Opponents have accused Russia of meddling in the election, although President Trump has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. It should be noted that in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton was accused of fake news and cyber-attacks on social media, which affected public opinion in favor of Hillary Clinton, and Trump was blamed for the defeat.

US military Intervention Aboard in United States:

With nearly five months left in the presidential election, speculation is rife over Trump’s victory or defeat. The recent violent uprisings are not considered a good omen for President Trump in US politics. Opposition groups called for the beleaguered PM to resign. Concerns have been raised that President Trump could use the US military to win the election. While these speculations are not considered good news for the American people, key former and current military figures have not justified the use of force to quell the protests. President Trump’s use of the National Guard also drew a backlash from the US military, which said it could not take action against its own people. The Secretary of Defense disobeyed President Trump’s orders and disarmed the National Guard.

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