King Maker Of The New World Order?

After the events of September 11, 2011, the SARS virus and the Iraq war, the world is facing severe devastation from the coronavirus. Contrary to expectations, the coronavirus has not been eradicated despite climate change. Unexplained fears are growing as the number of coronary heart disease patients does not decrease. In particular, there are fears that the devastation of the coronavirus could continue until then. Until the vaccine is developed. Prolonged difficulties in vaccine development and success have devastated the world economy.

What is America Place in the New World Order Post COVID-19:

The final damage from the Corona epidemic cannot be estimated at this time. Because the signs of Corona’s demise have not yet appeared. However, with a brief overview, the oil industry is on the brink of collapse, with underground natural resources now a source of concern for them. Oil-producing countries have run out of oil storage capacity and no buyers. Oil-producing countries, including the United States, are in the worst crisis. Especially those countries that depend on oil products.

A Long Battle To Restore Their Economic:

They will have to go through a long battle to restore their economic output in the future. The oil industry is now on the verge of collapse, as economic and tourism activities in the world have come to a standstill due to the lockdown of countries affected by the coronavirus. The partial lockdown has begun, but there is a risk that partial lockdown will be effective by then. Until people from other countries come. Concerns are being raised that the coronavirus could change its form and re-invade with greater intensity.

Tourism Will Face The Worst Shortage Of Tourists:

With the near demise of the oil industry, tourism has suffered the most. In view of the Corona epidemic, the major countries in terms of tourism will face the worst shortage of tourists. According to the international magazine Bloomberg, airline ticket sales have dropped by billions of dollars. In addition, 14 countries are suffering from a decline in tourism. These countries include the Philippines, Thailand, Greece, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong, Mexico and Austria, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, and China. Percent of the hotels is empty. In addition, 74% of hotels in Hong Kong, 49% in Singapore, 34% in South Korea, and 31% in Thailand are empty.

How long will the travel plans of tourists and people be restored despite the end of the Corona epidemic?

Even after the end of the Corona epidemic in the future, the lack of tourists in view of Corona’s fears has also caused irreparable damage to the tourism industry. There is no time frame for its maintenance. There are concerns that countries that rely on tourism will face the worst financial deficits and massive unemployment. In the future scenario, the association industry is facing the worst crisis. Because of the lack of mobility and safety measures, the revival of the aviation industry is unlikely soon. There is no definitive assessment of this either. Due to the natural closure of travel agencies, hotel industry, and local tourism, a new world scenario is emerging in which the world will have to adopt a precautionary lifestyle in the coming days. Have to prepare the world will have difficulty recovering from the effects of the Crocodile epidemic.

The Coronavirus has caused massive unemployment around the world, with millions of workers losing their jobs fast, and the lack of alternative employment opportunities could lead to a humanitarian crisis. As a result, developing countries face the worst difficulties. However, developed countries also face unemployment and inflation. In the United States alone, the total number of unemployed during the Corona Lockdown has risen to more than 26.5 million.

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