Will The Role Of The Military In US Politics Be A Major Issue In The Upcoming Presidential Election?

Protests that began after the death of a black George Floyd in U.S. police custody late last month have not stopped. Earlier, troops had to be deployed in several cities to quell protests and unrest. Earlier, Donald Trump, who made a racist tweet, made the situation in the whole country uncontrollable. In his tweet, Trump wrote, “If there is looting, there is shooting.” It means that the above words were not words that came out of Trump’s mouth suddenly.

The President is Winning his War on American:

Rather, it is an old phrase associated with racism. That’s why, commenting on Trump’s remarks, a senior Houston police officer, Esvedo, said during a television program that if Trump can’t do anything well, at least keep his mouth shut. He also said that Trump is endangering the youth. This is not the time to show strength, but to conquer the heart. He said sarcastically that this is not Hollywood but the real world, after which many questions were raised there. In a report, Voice of America’s Pentagon correspondent Kerala Bob examines the importance of the military’s long tradition of being apolitical in protecting the American people.

Criticism When The US Military Used The National Guard:

The analytical report summarizes that the criticism began when the US military used the National Guard against peaceful protesters on a Washington, D.C. highway. Which has now taken the form of a debate on the role of the military in civil society? “I think it created a situation that shook the military’s confidence,” said Joseph Voetl, a retired general at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He believes that a non-political military can better serve the nation, and that was the intention and desire of the founders of the United States, and that is why the US military is the most respected institution in the United States.

How To Focus On The Potential Controversy:

Many retired top military officials have come forward to discuss the issue after President Trump threatened to deploy thousands of serving troops to quell protests in US cities. Retired Admiral Mike Mullen, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that when we focus on the potential controversy over domination of our cities and our people, it is extremely frightening. That we did nothing about it when we will look back, and remember that moment. Because that was the moment we really needed to do something.

American Presidential Elections in a Comparative:

Pentagon officials have insisted that neither General Mark Miley nor Secretary of Defense Esper was aware of President Trump’s intentions and that he was only accompanied by National Guard officials stationed in Lafia Square. He went to thank him for his services. Esper has said he apologized for comments such as “Battlefield,” and General Miley called Thursday’s decision to travel to Lafia Square with the president a “mistake” and said he had learned from it. Is. “I shouldn’t have gone there,” he said. My presence there created an atmosphere that gave the impression that the army was involved in the country’s politics. The non-political role of the military goes far beyond tradition. Because every army officer takes an oath at the beginning of his service that he will stay away from politics.

Foreign Policy:

Biden, who served as Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama. In addition, Biden has decades of experience in foreign policy. Experts say Biden is a better speaker than Trump, who knows the art of drawing people to him. Along with this, he is a person who has faced the pain of bravery in his personal life. It will be interesting to see how the current US president, who is considered to be quite bragging, manages to confront Biden.

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