Negotiations With The Taliban: Need US Or India?

If India is willing to negotiate, it would be a major blow to Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s government, which could add to the pressure on him to negotiate with the Taliban and form a future government. Start a conversation.

Zalmai Khalilzad also said in a recent interview that it would be appropriate for India to talk to the Taliban.

The US presidential election is approaching. The United States is working hard to save the Doha Accord from the Taliban. In a similar effort, the United States has linked the recent attack on a hospital in Kabul to the Taliban, unlike in the past when any such attack was immediately linked to the Taliban. It has been called an ISIS operation. In these efforts, the Indian government is now apparently being pressured to negotiate with the Taliban.

The US special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmai Khalilzad, also said in a recent interview that it would be appropriate for India to talk to the Taliban. Pakistan has expressed almost the same desire in clandestine terms and has indirectly signaled to India to negotiate with the Taliban to restore peace in Afghanistan. The agreement reached last Sunday between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah in Afghanistan seems to be a link in the same chain.

Taliban Was Issued In the Media to Thwart These Efforts:

Apparently, a fake statement attributed in which jihad was declared after Festival against the ongoing anti-Muslim activities in India. The Taliban leadership immediately denied the allegations, calling them fake. Offered talks to the Indian government. The offer said that if India reconsiders its policy on Afghanistan, it can negotiate with it.

With this denial, the Taliban have shown considerable political maturity. Of course, they know that any kind of jihad or violence against India can have serious consequences for them. If they are negotiating peace with the United States. So why would they open another unnecessary front? Operations against India may be the desire of a few militant organizations or individuals, but the Taliban do not seem to see any particular political benefit.

No Political Suicide Can Be Expected From the Taliban:

With this step, all the international powers can be active against them again. Therefore, in this crucial phase of peace talks in Afghanistan. The Taliban will need Pakistani soil to attack India and Pakistan will not be able to support such an adventure in the current situation. Some analysts believe that the threat and immediate disengagement from it could also be a Taliban strategy aimed at forcing India to stop supporting the current Afghan government. And play a neutral role and speak directly to the Taliban to protect its interests.

Of course, by making such statements, India can be forced to recognize the legitimacy of the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban spokesman’s statement of disengagement from the announcement is a strong signal to the Indian government to engage in dialogue. India also realizes that there are elements in the Taliban and in neighboring countries who will continue to try to harm India, and they do not need to unnecessarily fodder. While India is facing a huge uprising in Kashmir.

Will India talk to the Taliban?

Harassment of Pakistani diplomats in Kabul’s Museum of Landmines, keeping bitter memories of the war alive.

Is India really developing?

If India is willing to negotiate, it will be a huge blow to Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s government. That could put more pressure on them to start serious talks with the Taliban and form a future government.

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