What Happened To Bush and Tony Blair In Iraq

The world longs for peace and security, but it has a condition and a basis for peace and security. If the condition is not met and the foundation is not laid, then the peace and security of our human world will remain just a claim and an empty wish. That is the condition and the basis of justice and equality. Unless justice is done and everyone is treated equally, the claim of peace and security is false and the aspiration for it is illusory. Because justice and equality are necessary before peace and security, and without it, peace is impossible.

A Right Democratic Atmosphere:

This would not be the case for the Muslim people all over the world and the Islamic world. Even today, if the Muslim people and their rulers unite and raise their voices against cross-discrimination, the atmosphere could change. False claimants of peace and security can have a disgraceful effect on their own people, because coincidentally the people of their own country are at the mercy of democratic forces, and the way these people’s democratic forces do not tolerate their false rulers, they are backward nations. They are also against oppression and injustice and double standards. That is why it is necessary for the people of the Islamic world to have access to and connect with the democratic people of the world.

Who Did It:

Iraq is not yet free, but the Iraqi people are free. Because they have rejected oppression, and the real situation of them and their killers has reached the democratic people of the world, who can hold their rulers accountable. If you look at history, you can avoid this cruel slander and conflict just because you are a Muslim. The Crusades began with an aggressive invasion of the Middle East. For four hundred years, the blood of humanity has been flowing like water, in which the majority belonged to the Muslims, the property was looted, the country was snatched, all this was done to the Muslims and the crusaders of Europe did it.

Who started the First and Second World Wars?

The old imperialists. Who created the atmosphere of this cruel confrontation today? Today’s new imperialists. But who did everything? The real enemy of Muslims is the Jews, yes! The Zionists are not the answer in secret conspiracies.

Believe it or not, until Hitler’s arrival, the Christian world, especially Europe, was hostile to Jews, hated them, wanted to exclude them from their society. In both world wars, without the loans of usurers, these wars could not have gone a step further.

Who had the interest business?

In the hands of these Jews. The Jewish capital involved in the two wars had tied the West into five Jews. Since World War II and its aftermath, the whole world has fallen into the trap of usury, and this trap is in the hands of Jewish hunters!

History Of Enmity And Jealousy:

During the last century, usurers wanted to buy Muslim rulers with interest money. But the mouthpiece, the same money was given to the rulers of the West. First to Europe, then to America, so today everyone is in the clutches of the Jews, but look at the blackening of the Jews, that they are beating the Muslims with the same old and new imperialists. Even today they are sleeping or being sewn. Jewish enmity and jealousy towards Islam and Muslims is a natural reaction. There is a long history of enmity and jealousy, both long and bitter.

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