Trump And The Politics Of Populism

When people elect a ruler like Trump, the country suffers from similar tragedies. The politics of “populism” is showing its results in America. Her eggs are hatching. The riots have spread to the streets and intersections. If there is life in American institutions, the country will emerge from this crisis, but the national existence has been wounded. How quickly these wounds heal depends on the people who have to elect a new president this year.

What Is The Politics Of Populism?

This is another name for playing with public sentiment. Popular politicians incite hatred. Highlight the contradictions. People show green gardens. Exaggerate the problems, and explain the simplest solutions. Will be on the right-wing, then will form the basis of ethnic pride. Will be left-wing, then highlight the class division. Both will divide the people and promote hatred.

After America, what is India’s next turn?

This style of politics creates a temporary ferment. Affects unsettled minds. ‘Post Truth’ makes black white and white black. For a while, he lost the ability to think and understand, like the magicians in Pharaoh’s court. People think of ropes as walking snakes. That is the hour of judgment. A moment’s negligence pushes nations back years. That’s what happened in the United States. There is no American nation in the ancient sense. This land was settled by strangers and thus the local population invaded Kobe. Today it gathers intelligence from around the world and uses it for its own development. Hersley’s identity, religious identity, the idea of ​​class division is a deadly poison for its unity if it transcends natural boundaries. It’s called a melting pot. Whoever comes here, his existence melts away. He takes on a new identity.

Maintaining Religious Freedom:

Silicon Valley is currently inhabited by people from India. Pakistanis are prominent in the world of medicine. The Chinese make their presence felt in the business. Workers and laborers have come from outside. The people of Mexico are the most. Intelligent people from all over the world turn to the United States. Here is the environment that ignites their potential. In a country of diverse identities, as in the United States, there can be no politics of contradictions and classes. This was understood by people like Abraham Lincoln, who truly founded America. This type of modern state can only be run by a development agreement in which no one is considered outstanding unless merit decides its superiority. People in the United States have wisely reduced the contrast between blacks and whites. Provided equal opportunities for all religions while maintaining religious freedom.

Donald Trump’s Populist Presidency is the Real Coup:

However, no society can ever be ideal. Some are real and some are created. The national leadership, be it political, religious, or social, keeps an eye on them and does not allow them to go beyond moderation. In the United States, for example, when talented people came from abroad, they reached important places through Comment. This made the locals think that it was their privilege. In addition, the result of the abundance of resources is tolerance, which is also present in the Arabs. Countries need dynamic people to run them. Thus those from other countries take their place. If the leadership today was in the hands of visionaries, they would have traced the real causes and then sought solutions.

When we Hear Populism we think Donald:

Every society has some Trump. They are looking for an opportunity when they can come up with something out of the ordinary. They sometimes carry the banner of racial pride. Sometimes class divisions are exacerbated. Sometimes corruption is presented as the biggest problem. Sometimes highlight religious differences. These contradictions and problems exist in every society, but with a proportion. Populists exaggerate their size. Post-truths make them the real problem of society. Trump evoked a sense of white supremacy in American society. This was possible only when you incited hatred against non-whites.

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